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Cinnamon May Improve Menstrual Cyclicity in Polycistic Ovary Syndrome
<p>The researchers found that during the 6 month study period, menstrual cycles were more frequent in patients taking cinnamon versus those taking placebo (P &#61; 0.0085). Menstrual cyclicity improved from baseline in patients taking cinnamon (&#43 ...

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Wall Street Journal

Political Cycles
Wall Street Journal
The most important single election next Tuesday is for governor of Wisconsin. The incumbent, Scott Walker, was elected in the Republican wave of 2010 and embarked in 2011 on a serious, substantive program of reform. He succeeded in his effort to ...

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Police repeat plea for impounded vehicles
Royal Gazette
Motorbikes, pedal cycles and even a kayak are in the possession of the Bermuda Police Service and their rightful owners are urged to come forward. ‚ÄúThese vehicles are a combination of recovered reported stolen vehicles and the registered owner is not ...